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glassware manufacturer

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Sai Scientific

# 24,Vikas Puri Near Sai Baba Mandir Post Office Industrial Area, 133001 Ambala Cantt, India

Sai Scientific is a manufacturer located at # 24, Vikas Puri near Sai Baba Mandir Post Office Industrial Area, Ambala Cantt, IN. With over 20 years of experience in manufacturing, Sai Scientific …

Shamboo Scientific Glass Works

No. 9E, Pooja Vihar, Near Industrial Estate, 133006 Ambala, India

Established in 2003 with humble beginnings, Shamboo Scientific Glass Works, a sole proprietorship firm that is organized by “Mr. Atul Kumar Sharma” who is highly experienced and associated with t…

Ambala Science Lab

Saga, singapore, 278104, 278104 Singapore, Singapore

Welcome to Ambala Science Lab for Science kit Manufacturer in Ambala

Ocean Glassware

5/88-91 34th Floor, Ocean Tower II, 10110 Bangkok, Thailand

Ocean Glass is the top producer of fine glassware in Asia for residences, HORECA (Hotel Restaurant Catering), and commercial buildings. The business is driven by passion and a dedication to excel…

Lab Equipment India

Bond St. 1, 5012 Wellington, New Zealand

Welcome to Lab Equipment manufacturer in India

Ambala Science Lab

Bond St. , 01, 5012 Auckland, New Zealand

Welcome to Ambala Science Lab for Science kit Manufacturer in Ambala

Micron Instrument Industries

Gobind Nagar Road, 133001 Ambala Cantt, India

Manufacturer of high quality laboratory instruments including Microscopes, Physics instruments, chemistry labware, anatomical models, laboratory glassware etc.

Jupeng Drinkware Co., Ltd

Paixi industry Area, Yongkang city, Zhejiang province, China, 510000 Yongkang, China
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Glassware Manufacturers

Whether you're looking for glassware manufacturers for medical, scientific or laboratory uses, there are many to choose from. From Schooner to Borosil, you're sure to find what you're looking for.

What is the history of glassware?

During the late 1820s, the Union Glass Works was a glassmaking facility in Kensington, Philadelphia. It was known for its blown glass and cut glass. They exhibited their products at the Franklin Institute. They later closed down.

Glassmakers used sand, quartz pebbles from Italy, and other raw materials for their work. Their glass was soft enough to cut and had a high refractive power. They were able to make all kinds of shapes.

In the 1780s, Robert Morris and John Nicholson began a glassworks in the Schuylkill River area. After other business ventures failed, they turned their efforts to glass manufacturing.

In the 1850s, Eugene Roussel opened a store in Philadelphia. Shortly afterward, he began making mineral water and selling imported European goods. In addition to glassware, he also began to make soda ash and mineral water.

What are the types of laboratory glassware?

Various types of laboratory glassware are used for various scientific experiments. They are used to perform many experiments such as chemical analysis. These glassware have high temperature stability, resistance to thermal shock, and a small coefficient of expansion. They could be stored in a safe place to prevent losses.

There are several types of laboratory glassware, namely borosilicate, quartz, soda-lime, and amber. Each type has its own specific properties. Borosilicate is the most common type. It is used in science beakers, flasks, and test tubes. Borosilicate glass has good physical properties, a low coefficient of expansion, and good chemical resistance. It can be used at a wide range of temperatures and has good resistance to chemical attack.

Quartz is a type of glass which has the ability to be transparent in certain areas of the electromagnetic spectrum. It is very resistant to high temperatures and is suitable for experiments with large temperature differences. It has excellent resistance to acidic solutions. It is also used in condensers.


Founded in 1962, Borosil is one of India's leading glassware manufacturers. With a manufacturing facility spread over 110 acres in Bharuch, Gujarat, Borosil produces a wide range of consumer and scientific glassware.

Borosil is also a laeding manufacturer of laboratory glassware. The company's Scientific and Industrial Products (SIP) division is the first of its kind in India. It produces an extensive range of laboratory glassware and liquid handling equipment. Its products are a favorite in the pharmaceutical, research and development, education, health and wellness industries. It also manufactures a wide range of consumer products, such as microwavable kitchenware and glass lunch boxes.

Using top-of-the-line equipment from Germany, Borosil manufactures a comprehensive range of volumetric glassware. The company also manufactures laboratory glassware, including analytical vials, liquid handling equipment and distillation units. The company's calibration facility is accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2005.


Taking your drink of choice and making it sparkle is the name of the game, and the VIVA Unbreakable Schooner Glass can do the job. The patented glass features FDA approved materials and a standard measure. It is designed to make your beer drinking experience more enjoyable and safe.

It also enables you to enjoy your beer in the most elegant fashion. The schooner shaped glass is made of sturdy safety glass and will hold your beer cold for hours on end. The glass also enables you to re-create the magic of a local pub at home. The top notch glass is also dishwasher safe.

The VIVA Unbreakable Schooner Glass is a great choice for serving cold drinks. Its slick design and durable construction make it the perfect addition to your barware arsenal.

Luigi Bormioli

Founded in 1946, Luigi Bormioli is the world's leading glassware manufacturer. It is located in Parma, Italy. Its product line includes wine glasses, glass jars, decanters, serving bottles, and carafes. They are lead-free and have a 25-year guarantee. The company also manufactures glassware in Turkey and Germany.

Luigi Bormioli is a family-run company. The family has been making glassware for 70 years. They have a rich history and are dedicated to great design and quality. They are known for innovative technology. They recycle 100% of white glass waste and are committed to sustainability.

Luigi Bormioli specializes in developing glassware for leading luxury brands. It is also the first factory to create a bowl and a stem in one piece. They produce glassware with Titanium Reinforcement for added strength. This material also makes the glass light and break-resistant.