30 KVA Ricardo Engine Diesel Generator

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30 KVA China Ricardo Engine Diesel Generator (Canopy Type)

Engine: Ricardo, Origin: China.

Output Voltage: 400/230V
Frequency: 50 Hz
Speed: 1500 rpm
Power Factor: 0.8
Origin: China.

01. Battery- 01 set.
02. Installation, Testing and Commissioning.
03. Transport free in Dhaka.
PAYMENT TERMS: 100?sh/Cheque/pay order with confirm work order.
DELLIVERY: From Ready Stock.

Our package includes installation and commissioning of the Generator including load balancing for the premises where the generator is being installed. But does not including any cost of civil & electrical works which may be required for the installation of the generator. Installation free of cost within Dhaka City excluding materials (cable, pipes, Ear thing, Mobil, diesel, cooling water & civil work etc) which is mandatory to generator installation.

Tell: 01766679701, 01731684897,01620484757.