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Novergy solar inverter range is available in a wide range of models and power ratings to meet any kind of solar project requirements. They are the first choice of solar experts based on their high efficiency of upto 99% and a wide range of technical features and safety measures incorporated in them.

For on grid application we offer our IGPB series solar inverter in various power ratings for single phase or three phase output. They are suitable for 50hz or 60hz frequency based on local grid conditions. The IGPB series solar inverter come with various added features such as a graphical LCD Display, RS485 communication, DC disconnect switch, etc. The bigger models come with multiple MPPT inputs so as to ensure better solar energy harvest.

Hybrid of off grid applications are served by the IPCL and IPCT series of solar inverter. The IPCL series are available with wide power rating starting from 1kw and going upto 100kw. The IPCT series are more suited for smaller systems with power ratings upto 5kw.

A very interesting product offering from Novergy are the IPCV series of solar inverter. They have the unique capability to work in various modes depending on the load , grid, battery and solar conditions. Hence, it is a single unit which can work in on grid , off grid, grid tie with battery backup, and other modes.

The solar inverter range of Novergy is backed by upto 5 years warranty. Additional warranty options are available.

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