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Ovi Watch

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Cukura iela 8/16, LV-3414 Liepāja, Latvia

Wooden watches powered by Swiss movements, Sapphire crystal glass, Genuine leather strap.

Kessel Watch

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Via Aeroporto, 6982 Agno, Switzerland

Watches online shop

Kessel Watch

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Via Aeroporto, 6982 Agno, Switzerland

Watches online shop

Watch Branding

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Anna van Renesseplein 8, 1911 KN Uitgeest, Netherlands

High quality promotional watches and private label watches. All styles represented. Minimum 25 pcs only.

Vortic Watch Company

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517 N Link Ln, 80524 Fort Collins, United States

A small batch, custom, watch manufacturing and vintage restoration company located in Northern Colorado.

C R Time Co

Isom Road 431, 78216 San Antonio, United States

C.R. Time Company offers a vast assortment of Watch and Jewelry Tools, Equipment, and Supplies including: Gram and Carat Scales, Diamond and Moissanite Testers, Ultrasonic and Steamer Cleaning Ma…

SmartCone Technologies Inc.

Iber Road 139, K2S 1E7 Ottawa, Canada

TheSmartConeTM upgrading the future

Hamilton International AG

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Mattenstrasse 149, 2503 Biel, Switzerland

#hamiltonwatch Hamilton watches combine the American spirit with the unrivalled precision of the latest Swiss movements and technologies.

Arts 15

Rue des Arts 15, 1450 Sainte-Croix, Switzerland

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Cuervo Y Sobrinos Sa

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via Carlo Maderno 54, 6825 Capolago, Switzerland

Cuervo y Sobrinos watches: Swiss made with a Latin heritage

Isomil - Manufactures of styrofoam

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Rua da Matriz 3.500, 25550-170 São João de Meriti, Brazil

Isomil é fabrica!


Estrada Bento Pestana 966, 24140-150 Niterói, Brazil

Impermeabilizantes e Acabamentos para Obras,

Robust Gear & Industries

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768 Westgate Road Units 3&4, L6L 5N2 Oakville, Canada

Robust Gear was founded in August, 1985, by Tarsem (‘Sem’) Tak in the town of Oakville, Ontario. We are a close-knit family business.

Montres Chouriet SA

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Chemin de l'Epinglier 5, 1217 Meyrin, Switzerland

Elegant design and respect of the authentic Swiss watchmaking tradition. Detail is luxury.

Billight SA

Chemin de l'Epinglier 15, 1217 Meyrin, Switzerland

Billight SA Signes lumineux Super Luminova à Meyrin à Genève fabrique et vend des capsules et moulages de Superluminova de diverses formes et volumes selon un procédé unique développé dans ses at…


Praspyekt Nyezalyezhnastsi 95, 220043 Minsk, Belarus

ОАО "Минский часовой завод" крупнейший производитель часовой продукции.

Falcone Bodetto S.A.

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Santa Fe 4545, S2000KVK Rosario, Argentina

Industrialización de lentes oftálmica

Framahi S.R.L. Plataformas Hidráulicas Volcadoras

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Ruta 188 Km.110, 2705 Rojas, Argentina

Firma Líder en la fabricación de PLATAFORMAS HIDRAULICAS VOLCADORAS.

Basel Watch Company LLC - Head Office

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United Arab Emirates, 28075 Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Basel Watch Company - Since 1988

Officine Panerai Abu Dhabi Sowwah Square

The Galleria, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

The Officine Panerai boutique is located at The Galleria in Sowwah Square, positioned at the island’s centre, and designed by award winning international architects. It is considered as one of th…


Ruta Provincial 29, Coronel Brandsen, Argentina

Welcome to Toredo


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Juan Prebedelo, 4707 San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca, Argentina

Empresa láctea de Catamarca

Crespo Aberturas

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Doctor Soñez 1198, 3116 Crespo, Argentina

Crespo Aberturas es una empresa dedicada a la fabricación de aberturas de aluminio. Desde el año 1996 estamos en Crespo, ER, brindando calidad y servicio.

Ruby Lane™

Smeaton Grange Road 147, 2567 Smeaton Grange, Australia

Ruby Lane is Australia's most vibrant fashionable timepiece and accessory label. With quality pieces at an affordable price. Free Shipping Worldwide.

Hippie Chic

Barlow Park, DD53PR Dundee, United Kingdom

Discover Hippie Chic's modern bohemian inspired watches & bracelets including the best-selling Boho and Bazaar watches.

The Features of a Watch Manufacturer

Whether you are in the market for a new watch or you are an enthusiast who wants to explore the world of watches, learning about the features of a watch manufacturer can help you make a better decision. The features include pre-production planning, dial, case, complications, and quality control.


Using a reputable, albeit expensive, watch case manufacturer is the only way to ensure the quality of your watch. This is not to say that you cannot buy a cheaper Chinese knockoff, but the watchmakers of old were much more likely to take care of your business. A watchcase manufacturer, such as Britton & Sons of Birmingham, has its own facilities and machinery. Despite its relative costliness, the products it produces will probably be modelled on Swiss lines.

Despite the fact that Britton & Sons may have begun producing casing movements during the Great War, it is unlikely that any of their predecessors were around long enough to produce the aforementioned trinket.


Whether you are choosing a new watch or buying a secondhand one, one of the most important aspects of the watch you are considering is the dial. It is a vital part of the watch that sets the emotional tone for the wearer. It shows the wearer what type of watch they have and what features it has. It must be beautiful and clearly legible.

Dials can be made in many different styles and with a variety of colours. The most common dials has hour, minute and second markers, but they are not the only features. Some watch makers use dials without these markers. Alternatively, they may be a two-part dial that shows a smaller sub-dial. The sub-dial can display a calendar or stopwatch functions.


Traditionally, watch movements consist of a mainspring, an escapement, a balance wheel, a rotor and a gear train. The mainspring is a thin metal ribbon that curves into a spiral. The escapement moves the hands forward and periodically releases the gear train.

The first watch movements consisted of natural jewels and precious metals. Later, steel was used, and then synthetic jewels. Eventually, the dial train was made of sturdy metal alloys.

A manufacture movement is one that is developed in house by a watch manufacturer. These movements require an enormous amount of watchmaking expertise and financial resources to develop. These movements are usually more complicated and better than ETA-produced movements. ETA, however, still remains the Swiss watch industry's go-to movement manufacturer.


Among watch manufacturers, complications are functions beyond the basic time-telling functions of a watch. They are designed to solve specific problems. Some of the complications are mechanical, while others are electronic. Some watches combine several complications into one.

The word "complication" originates from the Latin word "complicatio," which is the Latin term for wrapping something. In the late Latin word, the term means "to wrap something around." It is used to describe additional functions that are built onto a watch.

Watch manufacturers have long wished to produce more complicated watches. For example, Vacheron Constantin created seven complicated watches for the 250th anniversary of its founding. These watches took 10,000 hours to complete. These watches are made of pure gold and are made up of 834 individual parts. The cost of these watches makes them a symbol of watchmaking excellence.

Pre-production planning

Whether you are a film buff or not, there are a number of steps that go into making a movie or television show a success. A pre-production plan is a must if you want your production to be a success. It will help ensure your production is completed within budget and on schedule.

Pre-production planning is all about the details. It is the most important component in any film production. Those details include, but are not limited to, what you are making, where you are making it, who you are making it with, and when you are making it. This is not only important for budgeting purposes, but also for ensuring your production is a success.

How can quality control help a watch manufacturer?

Using Quality Control features can improve your business's overall performance. The process involves inspecting and testing a sample of a product to make sure it meets its specifications. A quality control chart is a tool that shows you how well the samples you inspected are doing.

The control chart helps you determine what cause deviations from the desired results. The control chart helps you decide what measures should be taken to correct the situation.

Quality control features can be used in any industry. The process depends on the nature of your business and the peculiarities of your operations. However, you can always use quality control features to make your operations more effective.