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Victor Pellet Machine is specialized in manufacturing and exporting feed pellet mills and fish feed pellet mills delivering turnkey projects including animal feed production line and poultry feed crusher mixer machine. Till 2017,Victor Pellet Machine has succeeded in completing more than 700 projects all over the world. we are received widely praise from our customers.our pellet mills and crusher mixer machine are already exported to South Africa, US, Phillippines, India, Pakistan, Australia, Maputo, Malaysia,Tansania, Venezuela,Thailand,Zimbabwei,etc all over the world.Victor Pellet Machine are expert in design and manufacturing feed pelleting solutions for any scale feed pellets industry,Victor Pellet Machine also design and manufacture ancillary equipment used in pelleting process,Victor Pellet Mill is established in 2000 and has since been devoted to supplying top quality feed pelleting equipment up to Certified European (CE) specifications. We are expert in the design and manufacturing feed pelleting solutions for any scale feed pellets industry. We also design and manufacture ancillary equipment used in the pelleting process. Owning a professional team with specialized theoretical and practical background, we can offer full scale service to our customers by developing projects from blueprint , customized solution, machinery production to installation and commission

xingyang industrial zone Zhengzhou

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  • 1. This fish feed pelletizer can make various grain powders into nutritious and digestible fish feed pellets. The finished particles have fine texture, unique taste, rich nutrition and various shapes. It is very popular among fish farmers and aquaculture farmers.
2. It can not only make feed pellets for catfish, tilapia, shrimp, goldfish, tropical fish and other aquatic animals, but also suitable for making feed pellets for dogs, cats, birds, foxes, etc.
3. Our equipment is very suitable for the production of commercial grains, protein and molasses pellets. After the uniform mixing and extrusion process, the fish feed pellets with uniform nutritional value can increase the gelatinization and digestibility of feed pellets, so that every fish can be used. Absorb a balanced diet, save feed pellets, and reduce fish farming costs.
4. The biggest feature of fish feed pellets is durability, good compressive strength and water resistance. The feed pellets produced by our fish feed pellet machine have a smooth surface and float for more than 20 hours.
5. Feed pellets are easy to store and transport after being pelletized, and are less affected by external factors such as moisture and oxidation.
6. The puffed particles can be processed at a high temperature of 70-100 degrees Celsius. The high-temperature puffing process can kill pathogenic bacteria, parasites and pathogenic microorganisms, and significantly reduce fish diseases.
  • Fish feed pellets account for a greater proportion of the production cost of fish farming. In order to increase productivity and profits, it is recommended that farmers use small fish feed machines to produce their own fish feed, which can reduce production costs. The small fish feed machine consists of a hopper, a squeeze bucket, a heating plate, a mold, a cutting blade, etc. Our engineers designed this machine based on engineering principles, while considering cost, ease of operation, maintainability, durability and performance. The heating plate is connected to the surface of the barrel to ensure that the feed is fully heated through the barrel during operation. The diameter of the particles produced by this machine is in the range of 0.9~15mm, which is suitable for the feeding of most fishes and pets. The power of this machine is a single-phase electric motor or a 12-horsepower diesel engine.
  • The extruder works well and does not require any pretreatment of the feed except for grinding. This allows the fish feed maker to accept dry, free-flowing materials, thereby simplifying the preparation equipment. The fish feed pellet machine can produce human food, animal feed and adhesives made from grains. It can destroy unwanted enzymes such as urease, lipase and colistinase during the cooking process. These extruders convert grains, grains, and oilseeds into porous collections, dissolving the extracts very effectively. The outlet of the fish feed pelletizer is equipped with a firmly installed mold, which can produce feed pellets of different sizes and shapes. In addition, a fish feed pelletizer is equipped with wearable parts for free, including two sleeves, a screw, a cutting knife and three molds.
Fish feed pellets are popular feeds in modern commercial fish farming, which can provide balanced nutrition for fish populations and improve the environment of fish farms. Due to the high price of feed pellets on the market and the high cost of small fish farms, many farmers tend to purchase fish feed pellet machines to produce pellets by themselves in order to reduce costs. The reason why it is so popular around the world is that it is designed for small-scale fish farming and is affordable. It makes it a reality to produce fish food on farmers’ own farms. It fully considers cost, market, efficiency and scale.

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